Utilization Management

As an Independent Review Organization (IRO), we’re committed to providing unbiased and evidence-based reviews to our clients. But as utilization management experts, we can also help you streamline your processes and better manage your costly service lines. We can provide consultation, develop implementation strategies, and training for your key personnel. Our utilization management solutions are tailored to fit the individual needs of your organization.

When to use our Utilization Management Services

  • Rising costs
    Identify costly utilization issues within a particular service line or across your organization. 
  • Increased appeals
    Troubleshoot issues with initial determinations through retrospective review and an outside perspective.
  • Streamline processes
    Design and implement internal processes that fit your organization to establish consistency and minimize errors in reviews.
  • Consultation needs
    Harness an outside perspective for your utilization management department or develop strategies for hiring and growth.

How Cadenza can help with your Utilization Management needs

  • Expertise
    We’re not just a group of physicians who perform reviews. At our core, we’re utilization management specialists who understand compliance and the nuances of utilization management. We can help you develop intensive, organization-wide utilization review processes or target individual service lines for improvement.
  • Consultation
    Whether you know exactly where the utilization management issues are or you need help identifying your problem areas, we can guide you in developing better utilization management within your organization. We design effective processes that work, and we tailor our solutions to the specific needs of your organization.
  • Training
    We want to equip your key personnel to implement better utilization management processes and become agents of change within your organization. We do this through hands-on training and education to help you see lasting change that makes a difference.
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