About Cadenza Health

Controlling reimbursement through comprehensive payer and provider experience.

A well performing Utilization Management team can be the key factor in determining profitability. Cadenza Health partners with healthcare payers and providers, improving Utilization Review and Utilization Management processes in a wide range of service areas.

Classical music describes a cadenza as an inspiring and difficult solo passage, introduced near the end of a movement of a concerto. 

In the same way, Cadenza Health brings much needed insight to a struggling UM department, with over 35-years of Utilization Review experience as a payer and provider.

If your UM department feels like a piece of music struggling to inspire, worn down from battling claims and surging costs, then you need the experience and skill to take things to the next level.

Our Values


Insight is the application of wisdom and knowledge, providing richer experiences, more fruitful outcomes, and allows us navigate decisions carefully towards the desired outcome.


We will strive towards the understanding and delivery of appropriate individual care through rigorous standards, ensuring that the healthcare system is reliably solvent and accessible for years to come.


Whether it’s the hospital administrators, clinical staff, medical director or individual patient, Cadenza Health is providing personalized service to those who matter most. We listen, we learn, and we serve.

Why Cadenza Health?

Healthcare providers and payers can partner with Cadenza Health for experienced Utilization Management services.

The Cadenza Difference

Cadenza Health provides customizable services, allowing organizations to meet their unique and specific needs.

  • 30+ Years of comprehensive UM experience
  • Leverage unbiased perspective as provider and payer
  • Broad focus over a wide range of service areas

Key Benefits

As accredited and experienced Physicians, Cadenza Health uniquely provides the highest quality of review services.

  • Regain control over reimbursement revenue
  • Add long lasting value by improving internal processes
  • Quickly upgrade your on-site UM/UR team