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Home health care demand is expected to continue increasing due to earlier dispositions from acute and post-acute care facilities. In addition, physicians are using home health resources to provide care in the home that was once reserved for the hospital setting.

The challenge for home health providers is getting these requests approved and re-certified as payers are becoming more aggressive in the management of this type of care.

One challenge is knowing what criteria are being applied to these requests as many organizations have not developed their own guidelines. Another challenge is knowing how to support these requests with documentation for the different home service lines in the context of the patient's disease process and skilled needs. You must have authorization staff that understands all these aspects of supporting home health services if you want to improve your reimbursed home visit volume.

The Cadenza Heath team has been heavily involved in making home health determinations for payers across all service lines.  We also have an extensive background in transitioning our own patients from the hospital or post-acute care settings to home with the appropriate care to prevent readmissions. 

Understanding both sides of this equation allows us to uniquely assist home health agencies. Let us bring our insight to your team.

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