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Cadenza Health will partner with your organization to maximize reimbursement.

In today's heath care system, providers struggle with ever narrowing profit margins combined with constantly changing reimbursement levels and coverage criteria. Navigating these difficult waters requires years of experience and hands-on knowledge. 

Providers are subject to constant pressures:

  • placing patients in their appropriate level of care
  • maintaining systems that support appropriate documentation
  • deal with frequent denials and downgraded observation levels of reimbursement
  • overall reduced reimbursements or time consuming appeal efforts

Cadenza Health has extensive experience in making these difficult level of care decisions and the knowledge to improve documentation when needed. In addition, our understanding of payor reimbursement criteria can assist you in placing patients in the most appropriate level of care up front, avoiding those cumbersome appeals. And if those appeals are needed, we can help guide you through this multi-layered process as well.

"Our desire is to help the healthcare system ensure that patients get the appropriate care they need."

Dr. William Shirah
Senior Medical Director at Cadenza Health, P.C.

Whether your organization is a a large for profit medical center, a small non-profit health care system, a government provider or anywhere in between, Cadenza Health has the tools necessary to ensure your organization is seeing the payor reimbursement it should.

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